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Friday, November 5, 2010

Die and save taxpayers money

Well news from the Rand Corporation about the National Health Service (socialized medicine from across the pond) suggests that while elderly Americans are sicker than their British counterparts, we actually live longer. So much for universal health care.

In spite of both higher prevalence and incidence of disease in America, death rates among Americans were about the same in the younger ages in this period of life and actually lower at older ages compared to the English.

Researchers say there are two possible explanations why death rates are higher for English after age 65 as compared to Americans. One is that the illnesses studied result in higher mortality in England than in the United States. The second is that the English are diagnosed at a later stage in the disease process than Americans.

"Both of these explanations imply that there is higher-quality medical care in the United States than in England, at least in the sense that these chronic illnesses are less likely to cause death among people living in the United States," Smith said.

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