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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Obama to end school choice in NCLB

President Obama wants to end the school choice provision in No Child Left Behind. What does he want to replace it with? Will this be a bad thing? Does it matter at all?

Read more on my article which is featured at the Heartland Institute's School Reform News.


  1. I read the AP article detailing Duncan's speech. Your conclusion is not representative of what Duncan was trying to say. Instead, he wants to help rural schools who are hurt by the school choice provision. In fact, this is exactly the type of change that will help Nevada an its taxpayers.

  2. Actually it is a lame excuse. You don't have to offer choice if there is no choice. You also have the option of offering supplemental services.

    Both of those will end if Obama and Duncan have their way. But like I pointed out, the choice was fairly meaningless anyway since many school districts really didn't inform parents of their rights.

  3. Think of this another way. If this really was an inconvenience for rural schools, why not give them an exemption to the rule rather than end it for everyone?

    Like I said, it was an excuse, and a rather pathetic one at that.

  4. The Democrats proved their racism when they took the vouchers out of Washington d.C.