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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nevada Democrats "compromise" by ramming through legislation and demanding more spending

Nevada Democrats passed a $2.8 billion general fund appropriation for K-12 education. That is technically $450 million more than what Governor Sandoval proposed. It is also $300 million more than was appropriated for the 2009-11 biennium.

Check out the table below - this was from a time when nonsensical backward budgetary rules dominated Nevada's political thinking. Last year state agencies followed through with the old math formula and produced a budgetary request so ridiculous (they wanted a 30 percent increase in spending) nobody could take it seriously - not even the state Democrats. But, as you can see from the chart below, Nevada Democrats want to spend more than we're spending now (2009-11).

"I am not doing this to oppose the governor or to score political points; I am doing this for our children," said Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford, D-Las Vegas to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Oh nonsense Senator Horsford!

If you cared about the children you would have passed the education reforms before the spending. So far, all spending does is provide jobs for adults at the expense of quality education for the children. In this way, Nevada Democrats have shown their true colors - it isn't about the children at all, but the voting adults and the powerful special interest groups.

That isn't the only spin doctoring coming from Nevada Democrats. Assembly woman Debbie Smith said, "I'm a reasonable person, and I believe in compromise and meeting people in the middle."

Nonsense again. Um, Assemblywoman Smith, you do realize you Democrats suspended normal rules to rush this through emergency legislative procedures in order to ram this through pass it in several hours time? Additionally, "the middle"  in this case means spending hundreds of millions of dollars more than we're spending now

Nevada Democrats continue to demonstrate that their definition of compromise means "my way" and "more."

The Nevada Democrats desired budget is between $7.8 billion and $8 billion, but they will "compromise" by cutting back their wish list and spend $7 billion - $600 million more than we currently spend. In other words, Nevada Democrats want to bring back the housing bubble era spending. That is irresponsible. It also isn't compromise.

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