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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Donnie and Marie

My parents are visiting me from Virginia so I took them out for a night on the town.... Yes, I took them to see Donnie and Marie at the Flamingo. At 30, I may have been the youngest person in the crowd. Oh well.

Donnie and Marie don't play my kind of music but they are excellent entertainers and singers. In between songs they poked fun at their own aging and engaged in some great brother-sister banter; both added great value to the entertainment. The dancers were pretty darn good (and the girl dancers darn good looking!).

That said, the most amazing thing of the night was when Donnie Osmond jumped on a table and walked into the crowd. I haven't seen my mom shoot up out of her chair that fast....ever. In fact, I've never seen middle age women (and there were a lot) move that fast. It's like they were swooning teenage girls again. Eek!


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