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Monday, June 6, 2011

Picking the best

 American Indian Public Charter School scored 4 standard deviations above the norm in California. As Andrew Coulson says, that is ginormous!

Are philanthropists and charitable foundations good at picking the best charter schools to back and fund? According to a new report from Andrew Coulson at the Cato Institute the answer is NO.

The real problem, according to Coulson, is that we are still not able to replicate top-notch schools consistently.

The top ranked school in Coulson's study was American Indian in Oakland, California - a school of low-income inner city children. American Indian has a no nonsense approach to education (no silly fluffy hippy education theories here), students are tested and those who don't achieve are held back (free tutoring is provided) teachers have high expectations of students and students, parents and teachers are all encouraged to buy into the AIM culture the school has developed. Check out the AIM model here.

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